An annual serves as a corporation's fiscal report. It recaps the year and projects into the future for shareholders, partners and employees. It reflects the firm's financial stability and corporate vision.
National Thoroughbred Racing Association 2001 NTRA Annual Report
Recaps yearly milestones, association intiatives and accomplishments, and serves as a program marketing piece.

40 page, 6 color

Produced for ConoverTuttle
Depositors Insurance Fund 2001 DIF Annual Report
Banking insurance fund for Massachusetts chartered savings banks. Theme is the community bank through the decades.

28 page, 5 color
National Thoroughbred Racing Association 1999 NTRA Annual Report
Yearly recap. Features new association intiatives, appointed board members and highlights.

40 page, 5 color

Produced for ConoverTuttle
Depositors Insurance Fund 1995 DIF Annual Report
Theme of customer satisfaction using DIF insurance.

28 page, 5 color
Depositors Insurance Fund 1996 DIF Annual Report
Illustrates how DIF insurance helps opens doors of financial opportunity to customers.

28 pages, 5 color
Air & Water Technologies / Metcalf & Eddy 1990 AWT/M&E Annuals
Dual annual reports. AWT parent corporation. Design to reflect in both annuals for the environmental services conglomerate.

AWT: 48 page, 8 color, perfect bound binding

M&E: 24 page, 4 color
Depositors Insurance Fund 1999 DIF Annual Report
Used collection of antique cast-iron mechanical banks throughout the annual.

28 page, 5 color
Horizons Initiative 1996 Horizons Initiative Annual Report and Contribution List
Fiscal report on the non-profit's progress and charitable contributions.

16 page, 2 color
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