Cutting-edge companies involved in software, communications, internet and start-ups. With new and changing technologies, high tech firms are in need of immediate and flexible marketing pieces.
SolidWorks World 2000 SolidWorks World 2000 SolidWorks World 2000
Identity for an industry tradeshow held in New Orleans.

SolidWorks World 2000
Alternative identity.
SolidWorks World 2000 SolidWorks World 2000
Program guide for 3D software developer for tradeshow convention held in New Orleans.

32 page, 4 color, w/ application
SolidWorks Industry Case Studies SolidWorks Industry
Case Studies

Binder system containing over 80 client case studies. Designed as a system or can be used as independent case categories.

3 ring binder, 6 color print
International Sound International Sound
Single pocket folder with 3 fact/sell sheets for racing technology vendor.

5 color, 12x9 folder

Produced for ConoverTuttle
Ozz Internet TV JSM Music Studio Ozz Internet TV
An internet start-up service providing original interactive programming.

JSM Music Studio
NYC Recording and Sound Studio.
Molten Metal Technologies Tamarac Systems Molten Metal Technologies
Environmental Engineering firm whose service incinerates hazardous waste materials.

Tamarac Systems
Respiratory medical device designer and manufacturer.
Wildfire Communications Wildfire Software Documentation
CD and jewel cases designed for installation and documentation purposes.

2 colo CD, 4 color jewel
Webspinner Jr. Webspinner Jr. Software
Comp for start-up internet software designer. Internet toolbox for kids.

2 color CD, 2 packaging
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