We would like to present a resource list of some of our favorite partners and vendors. We highly recommend these company's products and services.
Vendors & Partners

Recommended Vendors
We have used a variety of vendors over the years, but find this group of professionals the cream of the crop. They not only produce outstanding work, they are service-oriented and a pleasure to work with.

We include vendors in the design and estimating process not for their services, but for their ability to assess the assignment, present additional budgetary and design options.

A good vendor will give you a balanced blend of quality, service and price.

ShrierWorks - Neal Shrier, Principal
Print Production and Fulfillment/Promotions & Incentives

ConoverTuttle Advertising & PR - Fred Conover
Full-service Advertising and Public Relations Agency

Howard Photography - Richard Howard, Principal
Viewbooks, annual reports, special assignments

MicroPrint - Digital Service Bureau
Large format prints & tradeshow graphics

Empire Software - Mike Regan, Principal
Website Development and Data Management

Freelance Brains

Everyone should have some good freelancers on hand. They are all specialists in their respective fields and produce outstanding work.

John DiCocco - Writer: Academic/Golf (jdicocco@bu.edu)
Lyn Bono - Writer: Advertising (954) 389-3578
Leo Abbett - Cartoonist/Humor (617) 566-2893
John Burgoyne - Illustration: Nature, Medical, Still Life
John Mackintosh - Digital Photo Journalism, Candids


Lindesign / 781-444-0940 / dave@lindesign.biz David Linde, Principal
21 Pine Grove Street
Needham, Mass 02494